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eument-net Quality Standards

Mentoring programmes that are part of eument-net commit to a set of quality standards. These quality standards namely require that the programme...

  • is part of an explicit gender equality policy, and pursues the promotion of women in academia and research as a central aim;
  • is specifically designed to support the personal and professional development of the mentee;
  • organises mentoring outside hierarchical relationships, based on a voluntary participation;
  • has a professional coordination and transparent programme management structures;
  • clearly states the aim of the programme, the target group and the criteria and procedure for admission from the outset;
  • clearly states the scope of the programme (duration and elements of the programme, including the matching process) from the outset;
  • clearly states the role and mutual requirements of mentee and mentor from the outset, and specifies them in a “mentoring agreement”;
  • follows a confidentiality policy that is communicates to mentees and mentors;
  • includes monitoring measures and conducts regular formal evaluation;
  • gives mentees and mentors the opportunity to participate in training activities (related to the mentoring process), to exchange on their mentoring experience and to benefit from coaching or mediation in case of conflicts.

eument-net > About eument-net > Quality standards