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Definition of mentoring


At eument-net, “mentoring” is defined as

  • a supporting relationship, beyond institutional hierarchies,
  • established in the framework of a formal mentoring programme,
  • between a women academic or researcher who wishes to engage and gain experience in a specific field (a mentee),
  • and a senior academic or researcher (a mentor) who is ready to share his or her specific experience and knowledge related to the mentee’s needs, or between peers,
  • with the aim of fostering the mentee’s or the peer’s personal and career development in academia and research.



For mentees, the participation in a mentoring programme shall

  • foster their professional identity and competence in building their career-project
  • develop their network and provide contacts with role models and peers
  • increase their autonomy and critical understanding of academic and research organisations
  • increase their desire to pursue a career in academia and research.
For mentors, participating in a mentoring programme shall
  • provide an opportunity to support women academics and transmit their experience outside hierarchical relationships
  • provide an opportunity for self-reflection and exchange with other mentors
  • support the development of leadership skills, including better mentoring skills to use within their own professional context.

eument-net > About eument-net > Definition of mentoring